Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday:
9AM – 6PM
11AM – 5PM
11AM – 4PM

At NourishMe, a light-filled store on Main Street in Ketchum, customers can find everything from seasonal produce, and bulk seeds, nuts and fruits to a wide variety of supplements, homemade foods, wellness products, gluten-free foods and organic cosmetics.

Julie Johnson opened NourishMe in June 2010 in order to bring her love of nutrition and local food to the community in which she lived. Based on her own cooking, and experiences living in France for more than a decade, her concept was to bring organic farmers’ produce together with a well stocked store full of supplements and other wellness products.

Julie feels she’s been working up to having this establishment all her life. As a child, when “I pulled my first carrot out of the rich, moist, dark, soil of the Pacific Northwest, I knew good, clean food would be my life,” she says.

Among the products that are made and sold at the shop are:

  • 2 soups daily: 1 vegetarian  and 1 meat, all locally sourced products, non GMO, and wheat free
  • Julie Food Raw Crackers, salads, juices, and specialty fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi
  • A variety of nutrient-rich, organic, foods to-go or eat-in at NourishMe’s family style tables
  • Organic products brought in from Idaho’s Bounty such as local dairy, eggs, and grassfed Idaho meats are sold daily at NourishMe, and the organization, a regional farmer’s co-op, is on-site weekly for its members’ weekly food pick-ups

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