Oh yes! The Sun Valley Climate:

Sun Valley basks in the sun drenched and ideal high mountain desert climate of south central Idaho. At an elevation of 5,850 feet, summer days are warm and nights cool the perfect blend for happy humans. Winter temperatures are downright pleasant and abundant sunshine compensates for whatever chill might be in the air. Known for crisp, dry air thanks to an average humidity of 25-30% and an average of only 5″ of precipitation between June and August, you won’t see an umbrella anywhere. The northern latitude plays into the hands of long days and apres revelers with over 15 hours of daylight in the summer.

In a word this place is called Sun Valley for a reason, so pack extra SPF!

Month Average Hi Average Lo
Jan 31 6
Feb 35 8.5
March 43 17
April 53 25
May 62 32
June 71 38
July 80 44
August 79 41
September 70 34
October 58 26
November 41 15
December 31 7