Myriam Esther Fine Art Gallery LLC.

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 9am – 2pm

Sat & Sun 10am – 2pm

Other times by appointment

Art is love. It’s that place of quietness where the soul dips itself in the realm of creation. Creations have always been part of my life. I started writing and illustrating children’s stories at 5 years old.
As an adult, I became increasingly critical of my drawings. Therefore, I put more effort into illustrating them. One stroke at the time I realized that the drawings became my stories… Stories with no language barriers… Images more powerful than words… Creations that have lives of their own.
Please come and meet them at my Art Gallery! Immerse yourself in their stories.
Myriam Esther

3% of the profit goes to charities in Idaho for endangered species or Animals or Environment.
3% of the profit of specific artworks goes to charities for Children, Education and other charities.

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