Earth Day screening of: The Biggest little Farm

Hailey Town Center West

This beautifully filmed story takes a look into one young couple’s efforts to make a living on the farm of their dreams.  On the journey from turning dirt and clay clods into rich, nutritive soil and pigs that are rescued from Ugly Betty to beloved Emma, the film takes us through 5 years of the many tribulations, joys and surprises of working to rebuilding their land to create a beautiful farm that also rebuilds our earth.   Even if you’ve seen the film before, come enjoy it again!  There’s a good chance you’ll see something new to help jump start your own spring yard plans.  Even the smallest plot of land is a necessary piece of the planet that we look to for clean air, water, plants, and animals that we depend on to sustain us all.

Fix-It Clinic

Hailey Town Center West

Hailey Public Library is partnering with the Climate Action Coalition and local experts to host a free fix-it clinic on Saturday, January 27, from Noon – 4:00 PM for small, carry-in-sized household items. Half-hour appointments set up on-site will offer guided assistance with volunteer coaches to help disassemble, troubleshoot, and, hopefully, fix personal items. The clinic will be held at Town Center West, 116 S River.


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