SVPN Video Series Pays Homage to Sun Valley Businesses

In celebration of SVPN Magazine’s 5th year anniversary in 2016, the magazine commissioned five short films from Dark 2 Light Productions to portray and exhibit the incredible people who are the foundations of the Sun Valley community who have 20, 30 and even 40 years of business history in Sun Valley. 

Take a look at the men and women who represent the cornerstone of Sun Valley through their fortitude and creativity as they have carved a niche in a mountain town community that is like no other. These exceptionally crafted videos present the beauty of the area, the dynamic personalities of all the business owners and reveal the dedication, heart and soul of the people and place. 

Watch as the Sun Valley Resort, the restaurant owners, realtors, fine art gallery owners and the staff of SVPN Magazine’s vision of life in Sun Valley are portrayed in celebration and have allowed SVPN Magazine to reach its own five year anniversary. 

Travel with Michel Rudigoz owner of Michel’s Christiania for “A Celebration of Dining” as he visits with Duffy Witmer owner of The Pioneer Saloon and The Kneadery, Cristina Cook owner of Cristina’s, Tom Nickel owner of the Sawtooth Club and Scott Mason owner of the Ketchum Grill, Enoteca and the Town Square Tavern. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CELEBRATION OF DINING

Join Gail Severn of Gail Severn Gallery as she reflects on her 40 years in business and the Sun Valley community’s commitment to art.  Through “A Celebration of Art,” Severn reveals the importance of art and the beauty it gives to our lives. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CELEBRATION OF ART

Listen to long-time Sun Valley realtor Jed Gray in “A Celebration of Property” shares his view and understanding of why Sun Valley is a unique mountain town community set apart from others. The variety and eclectic people who all give toward making Sun Valley a wonderful place, have also made it a place to call home and raise a family. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CELEBRATION OF PROPERTY

“A Celebration of Sun Valley Resort” hails the Sun Valley Resort. Even though you may come to ski and stay for the summer, “it’s the people who keep you in Sun Valley,” tells Jack Sibbach, Sun Valley Resort Marketing Director, as he describes how the Sun Valley Resort is a pillar of the community, which is carving a new history from its stellar past. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CELEBRATION OF SUN VALLEY RESORT

Finally, in “A Celebration of Life,” SVPN Magazine’s publisher Justin Williams offers his perspective along with his core staff about why SVPN Magazine speaks to the community, and how it’s a constant celebration of why Sun Valley is an amazing place to live, work and enjoy life. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CELEBRATION OF LIFE

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