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Biking, Summer

Outerbike Sun Valley

This will be the first visit for Outerbike to Sun Valley and we’re still left blushing knowing that we’ve been included in the mix. We have all the details on what Outerbike is all about. 

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Fly Fishing, Winter

Getting Hooked on Winter Fly Fishing in Sun Valley

For those of us brave, slightly crazy and over-dressed folks who like to fly fish in the winter, it’s pretty tough to top Sun Valley. To help you make the most out of it, here are a handful winter fly fishing tips.

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Dining, What We're Made Of

What We’re Made Of: Maude’s Coffee & Clothes Owners – Jacob & Tara

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Jacob and Tara Frehling are the newest generation of a host of entrepreneurial Frehlings in the Wood River Valley. Jacob’s mother Annette owns the clothing shop Sister in Ketchum, cousins Maeme and Callie Rasberry own the lunch spot Rasberry’s in Ketchum, and father James opened the original Esta’s restaurant on Main Street. Now Jacob and Tara own Maude’s, a combination coffee shop and vintage clothing store in the heart of Ketchum. After owning a food truck before Maude’s and with aspirations for future businesses, these Frehlings plan to leave a long legacy in Ketchum. “Our whole pastime in life as a couple is spit-balling business ideas,” says Jacob. The business-minded couple, who married in 2017, met while attending the same high school in Portland, Oregon. Although Jacob grew up in the Valley, he attended the last few years of high school at Northwest Academy and then attended Portland State University a year behind Tara. “We were living in a house with seven other people, a total teenager house,” explains Tara. The couple began dating during college and graduated with degrees in psychology (her) and sociology (him) before Jacob headed back to his hometown to open the first …

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Go Sledding Sun Valley-Style

There’s something about going sledding that screams “Winter Fun!” Flying down a snowy slope on a sled brings out the giggling kids in all of us. So if you’re looking for a good place to have some sledding fun then you’re in luck. Sun Valley has all kinds of places to go sledding. To help you make the most out of it, here some Sun Valley sledding basics.   photo: Sarah Keefer Where to Get a Sled The best bets in to pick up some sleds in Ketchum are Sturtevant’s, Chateau Drug or The Toy Store, which also has a shop in Sun Valley. Just a short stroll down the Sun Valley Village from The Toy Store, Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports also sells sleds during the winter months. The local thrifts stores, The Gold Mine in Ketchum and the Barkin’ Basement in Hailey, also usually have selections of used sleds to choose from.    What to Wear The key to any outdoor fun during the winter in Idaho is to be dressed properly. Layers are the way to go, especially wearing outers layer that can handle moisture.  Good gloves and solid winter boots are also a must.  Sun Valley and Ketchum offers all kinds of shops to buy everything …

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Biking, Winter

Guide to Winter Fat Biking in Sun Valley

Two-Wheeled Winter Fun It is rare in the world of winter sports for a new activity to gain a foothold alongside alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. But over the past couple of years, fat biking has managed to do just that. Here in Sun Valley—where mountain biking reigns supreme during the summer—we jumped into fat biking with reckless abandon. Want to join us? Here is all about how to enjoy a day of winter fat biking in Sun Valley. What is Winter Fat Biking? Winter fat biking is the act of pedaling a bike with super-fat tires over a packed trail of snow. A fat bike’s signature tires, which are typically over 4 inches wide, provide a loft and float that allows the bike to glide over groomed snow trails. Fat bikes are beefy in size and stable in their construction. If you can ride a bike on the pavement, you can ride a bike on the snow. Where to Ride in Sun Valley You’ll find no shortage of places to ride a fat bike in Sun Valley and its neighboring communities. With over 60km of trails groomed for fat bikes, the world is your (snowy) oyster. Sun …