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Sunshine & Short Lift Lines

January 12, 2016

The New Year has charged in with ample amounts of sunshine paired with minimal crowds. You won't need an app to tell you which lift line has the shortest wait here! On top of it all, our base continues to grow with over 10 feet of snow so far this season, making for some of the best skiing condit

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Destination Sun Valley: A Mountain Collective Experience

With the recent addition of Sun Valley to the Mountain Collective pass, skiers and snowboarders across North America have been pulling the trigger and venturing out to explore a place they’ve heard whispers of. Mat Rick, currently living in New York City, was one such snowboarder. He knew the Sun Valley name but lacked the full story. We invited Mat to provide a little show and tell on his recent Mountain Collective experience with an adventure out to Sun Valley, Idaho.


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