Sun Valley Film Festival


Traditionally, the Sun Valley Film Festival invites guests to be a part of the legacy of storytellers, artists and filmmakers that have defined the town’s rich cinematic history. For 2021 SVFF will present a Streaming Film Festival showcasing groundbreaking films and signature spotlight events SVFF is know for. SVFF captures the spirit of a bygone era: one that comes alive as we celebrate the shared wonder of film.  

Why Sun Valley

In tandem with the town’s cinematic past, the SVFF’s intimate accessibility attracts industry icons who return year after year, creating a community of artists that define the Festival’s unique atmosphere. Guests have included Hollywood legends such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, Geena Davis and Oliver Stone as well as avant-garde writers and filmmakers like Stephen Gaghan and Mark and Jay Duplass. With over 4,000 yearly attendees, SVFF is quickly becoming known as the Festival for Filmmakers: a boutique event beloved by film fans and auteurs alike.

Don’t take our word for it, USA Today has named the Sun Valley Film Festival one of the Top 10 “Greatest Places for a Fabulous Film Festival.”


The SVFF Streaming will take place April 14th-18th, 2021.

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