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Ketchum Arts Festival

Each winter, artists are invited to participate in the community focused Ketchum Arts Festival, which is held annually in mid-July (July 12-14, 2019). Drawing heavily on a county that is crammed with artistic talent, Ketchum Arts Festival spotlights Blaine County artists and crafts makers. The Festival location in a meadow flanked by Mt. Baldy reflects the outdoor spirit of nearby mountain towns, Sun Valley and Ketchum. The eclectic art and wide-ranging crafts available for purchase are emblematic of our independent-minded local artists. This is Idaho, after all!

In fact, Ketchum Arts Festival began in 1999 when a few of these local artists held an indie fair in a downtown courtyard. Growing quickly, the festival moved in 2005 to its current location in Festival Meadow on Sun Valley Road. KAF is still a locals’ kind of festival, celebrating all the arts with local bands playing and local beer pouring from the taps. We offer a relaxed shopping experience where families leave the kiddos to their own fun at the Kids’ Activity Tent and then shop, have a coffee drink under the shady tent and maybe even be inspired to do a little dancing. We suggest you stick around to savor the unhurried pace in our meadow. Bring the pooch. Linger a little longer!


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