Bike Parks

Ketchum Bike Park (700 2nd Avenue):
In partnership with Scott USA, Alpine Bike Parks worked as the prime design and construction contractor for the Ketchum Parks & Recreation Department. Starting with a vacant lot owned by the Blaine County School District littered with noxious weeds rocks, Alpine directed site design, grading, pump park design and construction, travel planning, and landscaping to create a holistically designed site including a great pump park, grassy rest areas, shade tree and shrub plantings, and bench and bleacher seating.

Hailey Pump Track (1020 Fox Acres Road):
The BCRD is pleased to offer one of the most popular new recreational amenities going right now: a Pump Track! Made of dirt and clay rollers and berms, a pump track offers a great way for kids of all ages to get active, get a core workout and develop great off road biking skills. Made possible by countless volunteers and partners, the BCRD Pump Track will be worth the trip. Take a ride on either the large track or the smaller skill-building track.


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