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Sun Valley Economic Development

Sun Valley Economic Development (SVED), originally formed in 2010 as SustainBlaine, is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit public-private partnership. Sun Valley Economic Development is the only organization focused on county-wide issues and works directly with the Idaho Department of Commerce and other Idaho state agencies.

Sun Valley Economic Development operates under the guidance of a full-time executive director and volunteer Board of Directors. SVED’s Board is a diverse and experienced set of leaders, with representatives from our region’s largest employers, public officials, and other influential community organizations.

Sun Valley Economic Development is funded on an annual basis by a mix of public and private sector monies. Anchored by a multi-year, renewable Idaho Department of Commerce grant, additional funds are contributed by Blaine County, its municipalities, and by more than 30 of the leading businesses in the private sector. These funds enable SVED to deliver relevant projects and services that provide concrete economic benefits on a cost-efficient basis. SVED continues to steadily reduce reliance on public sector funds and seeks longer-term economic sustainability through increased private sector funding and innovative fee-based mechanisms.

Our priorites are to deliver services and projects that…

  • Attract New Businesses and Jobs
  • Promote Business Growth and Success
  • Educate and Advocate on Critical Business Issues
  • Enhance the Economic Impact of Existing Assets
  • Attract Visitors and Events
  • Increase Overall Economic Activity

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