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Friedman Memorial Airport

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Administration Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Cradled in the arms of Idaho’s majestic Wood River Valley, the land on which Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) is located has connected people, places, and services for more than 100 years.

From as far back as 1916, photographs show early aircraft operating from a simple grass strip that would, eventually,  become SUN’s main runway.

In 1931, the Friedman family, pioneering Idaho sheep and cattle ranchers, gifted the city of Hailey with the land on which the original airstrip was located. In return, the family asked only that the land remain solely for use as an airport.

Within a year, in 1932, the airport gained recognition by the federal government as a designated airport. Since then, SUN has grown into a world-class commercial airport and powerful economic engine, thanks to the oversight, support, and investment by Blaine County, the State, and the FAA.

On Aug. 1, 1960, SUN entered the world of scheduled commercial airline passenger service with the arrival of West Coast Airlines serving Valley with its fleet of modern, luxurious D-3 aircraft and helped usher in a new age of travel by air.

The Friedman Memorial Airport Authority was formed in 1994, replacing the Blaine County Airport Commission. The present Authority includes a dedicated group of community leaders that have called the Valley home, some, for decades.

More than just a place to land, SUN is a vital part of Idaho’s vibrant tourism industry, creating revenue and jobs for the Wood River Valley. In fact, SUN delivers more than $290 million in economic impact to the local area and the state, second only to Boise Airport for commercial service airports in the state.

SUN is home to some of your favorite airlines, including Alaska, Delta, and United. Private jet and general aviation services are available through Atlantic Aviation, SUN’s only Fixed Base Operator, and fuel provider.

Visitors and passengers will find ample and convenient parking, in addition to a variety of ground transportation options. Relax in SUN’s passenger terminal that’s cozy yet very efficient. A family-owned coffee shop delights arriving and departing passengers with freshly roasted coffee, artisan sandwiches, and local pastries.

When not connecting families and friends, SUN is a critical infrastructure component that supports and expedites emergency medical, disaster assistance, and firefighting services to those in need.

SUN values its relationship with the community and realizes that actions speak louder than words. Through a variety of programs, the airport continues to demonstrate this commitment to stakeholders.

These programs include:

  • Strong and lasting partnerships with the city of Hailey, Visit Sun Valley, the Wood River Economic Partnership, and the Fly Sun Valley Alliance
  • Airport tours and other learning opportunities to ignite youth interest in aviation and aerospace
  • Community outreach programs, such as SUN’s Voluntary Noise Abatement program, designed to find a balance between the needs of the community and the needs of the airport
  • Creation of the SUN Airport Arts Commission, which supports local artists through the use of available terminal wall space to showcase and celebrate the creativity of our local photographers, painters, watercolorists, ceramicists, and more

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