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Blaine County Housing Authority

Blaine County Housing Authority (BCHA) is a public organization committed to community housing as first identified in the 1997 Ketchum-Blaine County Housing Needs Assessment, which prompted the creation of a housing authority in that year. BCHA’s primary goal is to promote various methods for providing housing at affordable sales prices and rental rates to people comprising the “working population”. These individuals and families are unable to purchase or rent reasonable quality housing within Blaine County due to market-rate housing price levels. BCHA and municipal officials feel it is essential to the economic health of the county that people working in Blaine County can become permanent members of the community via home ownership and/or rental.

BCHA maintains affordable housing via rental agreements, deed restrictions, and ownership and leasing of land. By advising governmental staff and agencies on possible changes to zoning and land use policies, BCHA works with local governments and planning entities to encourage the development of and minimize constraints to affordable housing development. Wherever possible, BCHA provides housing within close proximity to the employment location of residents. In particular, housing opportunities are provided relatively close to employment centers, including the cities of Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey, and Bellevue. Locations for community housing are integrated throughout Blaine County, thus avoiding the construction of one or two large complexes meeting the needs of the area’s workforce. Community Housing is constructed with the intent of creating, preserving, and maintaining a sense of community.

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