Forbes Magazine Names Sun Valley Top 10 Ski Town in US

Forbes Magazine recently released their picks of the top ski towns in the United States.  And right there in the mix was Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho!  

From the original article:

Forbes Top 10 Ski Towns

Ketchum & Sun Valley, ID

Author: Larry Olmstead

A mining town and the final residence of Ernest Hemingway, Ketchum sits less than two miles from the slopes of Sun Valley, which has its own completely pedestrianized European Alpine-style base village. Between them, they offer a complete and varied take on the ski town experience, linked by an elaborate free bus system. Ketchum developed in the19th century as a mining and forestry enlcave, and today its streets are lined with galleries, stores and restaurants like the iconic Pioneer Saloon, a former gambling hall with sawdust on the floor, trophy mounts and cattle brands on the walls, and huge steaks with Idaho potatoes on the tables. Union Pacific railroad tycoon Averell Harriman got it into his head to build North America’s first destination ski resort ski resort, modeled on Switzerland’s St. Moritz, and after searching all over the continent he chose this spot for Sun Valley, home of the nation’s first chairlift. photo: Jon Mancuso

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