Warfield Distillery

Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week
Lunch 11-3
Happy Hour 3-5
Dinner 5-late



There’s something a bit magical in the way spirits are made.  Sure, most of it’s science, different boiling points allowing ethanol to be separated from water.  But the flavors and nuances of a spirit come from the inexact melding of flavors on the molecular level, influenced by the design of the copper pot still, water chemistry and the hands that coax the liquor to life.

Current Spirit Offerings:

  • No Return Gin – A small batch, pot still gin created with organic botanicals endemic to the Northern Rockies
  • Mayday Vodka – Distilled from Idaho wheat and corn, this vodka is as smooth and mellow as they come.
  • Traditional Ales – With a focus on traditional recipes, Warfield is currently offering six tasty brews on tap, including two cask ales.  We brew with a simple philosophy: put good in, get good out. That’s why we only use organic malts and spicy, earthy whole-leaf hops.

Not Your Typical Pub Fare

Chef Sean Temple has been working in Restaurants since he was 15 years old, and his experience is evident in his cooking. He’s cooked in a wide array of restaurants in his career including Michelin star Jean George in New York City and Paley’s Place in Portland. Sourcing the best local and seasonal foods available in Idaho and the Northwest, he puts a fresh, unique spin on pub fare.

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