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Hot Springs

For some of us, healing resides beyond the white towels and cucumbers over eyes; we need a more rustic ambiance. Idaho is home to more hot springs than one can imagine--and here in the valley, we're close to many healing watering holes.

Hot springs in the area include  Frenchman's Bend, Russian John Warm Springs, Warfield, Basin Creek, Bear Valley, Bonus, Dagger Creek, Elkhorn (Boat Box), Mormon Bend, Sheepeater, Sitting Bull, Snake Pit and Trail Flat.

Be sure to bring water and a towel where ever you visit. And remember, just cause it's au naturale, dipping in your birthday suit is not allowed. Most of the hot springs in the area are in undeveloped areas of the wilderness. Please respect the environment by not littering, keeping the noise level down, and not disturbing the natural landscape. Please be aware that some of the hot springs can be washed out with the high spring water. If you have further questions, please call the Sawtooth National Recreation Area at (208) 727-5013.

Hot Springs in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

  • Russian John Hot Springs: 8 miles north of SNRA Headquarters 1000 yards west off Highway 75. An Old Sheepherder soaking pool - Gets water from the spring at 89 degrees.
  • Elkhorn Hot Spring: About 5 miles east of Stanley on Highway 75, near mile marker 192. A small soaking box on the rocks between the road and the Salmon River.
  • Kem Hot Springs: 6 miles northeast of Stanley on Highway 75, located on the edge of the Salmon River. Water flows out of the Springs into volunteer built rock and sand soaking pools at 110 Degrees.
  • Sunbeam Hot Springs: Just west of Sunbeam off of Hwy 75. The water flows out of the springs at 160 degrees, but there are built pools along the edge of  the river to mix river water with the hot water.
  • Sunflower Hot Springs- On the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, it provides a hot spring shower at riverside and many pools above,  the hottest being 110F.  
    Loon Creek Hot Springs- On the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, it is a 1/4 mile hike up Loon Creek on river right, the pool is a 8 x 25 foot pool which is approximately 2-3 feet deep.  Temp is around 104F
    Barth Hot Springs- On the Main Salmon River, it is located up a scrabbly slope and is perched about 100 ft above the river.  It is 4 ft deep and large enough for 15-20 people comfortably. 

Hot Springs in the Ketchum Ranger District

  • Worswick Hot Springs: West of Warfield Hot Springs on FS 227. Mineral water flows out at about 150 degrees.
  • Warfield Hot Springs: On Warm Springs Creek  Road 11 Miles west of  Ketchum on Warm Springs Road. Water flows from 2 Springs, One 97 Degrees, and the Other 102 Degrees.
  • Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs: 7 miles out Warm Springs Road located on the west side of the road. Public use from 4am to 10pm, bathing suits required; no alcohol; no glass containers and parking is restricted to a designated parking zone.

Commercial Hot Springs

  • Easley Hot Springs: 12 Miles north of Ketchum - 0utdoor hot springs filled pool open summer, winter.  Cost to use the pool: $6.50 adult, $5.50 child (14 and under), Free (under 2) $5.5 0 senior.  Summer Hours (2006):  11am-7pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11am-5pm Wednesday, 12-5pm Sunday, closed on Mondays.  Winter Hours:  11am-5pm Saturday, 12-5pm Sunday  (208) 726-7522
  • Challis Hot Springs & Campground: Hot mineral water and pool.  Call (208) 879-4442 for more details.
  • Sawtooth Lodge, Grandjean: Outdoor swimming pool open Jnue through October. Located 22 miles east of Lowman, 6 miles south of Highway 21. (208) 774-9947. 

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