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Brand Positioning

For outdoor enthusiasts with discerning taste, Sun Valley is an unpretentiously cultured mountain town where wilderness and adventure meet community and culture to provide an eclectic and fulfilling balance of enrichment, inspiration and rejuvenation.

Points of Differentiation

Brand Character

Brand Character Keywords

Sun Valley is known by some as a resort destination with a reputation for luxury and its Hollywood-connected past. Despite this, it remains a place that is authentic to its roots as a true mountain town. It has a modest, unpretentious, down-to-earth feel that is reflected in how it embraces both its residents and guests as the same - regardless of their age, income or social status.
This is a place with a laid-back and easy-going vibe. It's a FOMO-free zone that's born from its lack of crowds that mean no lineups or wait times, from its massive expanses of wilderness that mean quiet trails and recreation areas, from its long sunny days and clear star-filled nights that afford more time, and an attitude amongst its people that is free of hype and competition.
Sun Valley doesn't have an arts community, it is an arts community. Arts and culture is woven into the very fabric of the place, and its vibrancy is defined by its celebration of performing and visual arts and its western heritage. It is, at once, sophisticated and refined and rootsy and homegrown. It's the kind of place that can combine symphony concerts with outdoor picnics and sheep herding demonstrations with culinary expos.
A magnet for thought leaders, artistic icons, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and the occasional movie star, Sun Valley is a melting pot of intellectual, cultural and social contributors that enhance the community in a way unique from other destinations. Their contributions are symbiotic-they give back to the place that provides them with both an audience and a community.
Sun Valley is an open invitation. From its paved pathways to its backcountry huts and from its free festivals to its art walks, Sun Valley is welcoming in its nature, generous in its offerings, and accessible for everyone.
This is home to the inspiringly fit and the aspiringly adventurous. It is the place where seventy year old trail runners will cheerfully greet you as they pass you, going up-hill. Where Nordic Olympians are born, raised, made and returned. Where freeskiers, split boarders, and alpine racers humbly wear their pro status like a base layer-comfortably, but under cover.
Sun Valley has an enduring pioneering spirit that has, throughout its history, forged innovations through its entrepreneurial community. A destination-wide commitment to stay chain-free and locally-committed provides Sun Valley with its true and authentic feel and a future that is diverse and sustainable.
You'll sense it in its event lineups, feel it in the festivals, hear it in its concerts, and see it in the costumes that emerge from its thrift shops onto its slopes and sidewalks...Sun Valley loves a good time. This is a community united by its desire to get out and celebrate, and its willingness to welcome everyone in to the party. While the events may feature world-class performers, athletes or intellectuals, Sun Valley never takes itself too seriously, and instead, takes every opportunity to make play the priority.
Sun Valley is not immune from the challenges of resort towns, but is different in its passionate pursuit of a vibrant, diverse and sustainable community that meets the needs of not just its guests and second home owners, but also its year-round residents. It understands the inextricable link between its people and its tourism product and the need to create a place where both will thrive harmoniously.

Brand Essence

Quietly kickass and unpretentiously cultured.

Brand Voice

Our voice has several octaves designed to meet the needs of the occasion. We strive for consistency rather than sameness, and different moods, media or audiences call for different tones in our voice.

In quiet moments it is reflective, respectful and awe-inspired. In moments of celebration it is playful and fun-loving. In every moment in between our passion for this place and our respect for our customers is clear.

Brand Voice Keywords

True to our original mountain town roots, Sun Valley's brand voice is real and genuine. It is never "put on" or "overdone" and is void of tourist-y cliches or marketing speak. It is friendly and welcoming, as if spoken with a warm smile. We avoid complex sentences and over-used adjectives that make us sound insincere and over-done.
In keeping with our character, our voice has a casual, laid-back feel. It avoids hype and is unhurried, but is careful to not come across as slow or unsophisticated.
Without feeling pretentious or ostentatious, our voice conveys our intelligence and creativity. At the same time it is simple and clear so as to send our message in the most effective and efficient way possible.
It exudes an awe and reverence for its spectacular natural environment and a love for its people and experiences of the place.
We use our voice to create a dialogue with our guests and community that allow us to forge relationships. It is personal, because relationships are personal. Our customers' communications with us require a human response and our voice will bring this, allowing us to listen and respond in authentic ways. We speak in the second person - making a distinct connection between our readers and this place. We use pronouns to refer to the person addressed in our communication. "You" and "us".
Our voice softens the "sell". It allows us to feel useful and the audience to feel less "used". It is informative and authoritative without being sales-y or bossy. It delivers the goods, makes our customers' lives easier and is always helpful.