Sights and Sounds of the Mountain Wakening

Getting the mountain dialed for tee off is no small chore. One of the world's most expensive course mowers, the Prinoth, is how it gets done. That insane corduroy gets spit out behind machines like these.


The mountain comes to life around here with a thousand hands lifting and pulling. With the largest automated snowmaking system on the planet and one of the most insane grooming operations in the industry much has to go right in the lead up to the season.  Mother Nature notwithstanding the mountain comes to life to make dreams of 3,300 vertical foot laps a reality.

The cold air hair dryer. Sun Valley pumps millions of gallons of water through its snowmaking system yielding enough perfect snow to open the entire mountain without a flake falling from the sky.



The big payoff. Endless vert right into the bar at the bottom of Warm Springs on a stormy fall day.


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