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5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana

The toughest thing about writing this post is to keep the list to five! One trip here is all it will take for you to understand our dilemma. In no particular order, here are our top 5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana.

1. The Views!

Yup — they are everywhere. Stick close to town and you will have the ever-present view of our beloved Baldy. That is, until you turn and face the other direction–and then you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And chances are, you will have all of this to yourself.

Nordic Skiing Sun Valley, Idaho - Ray J. Gadd

2. The Trails…

All 200km of them! Not only do we have 40km of trails right in town, there are another 160km just outside of town. From the undulating trails at the Sun Valley Resort to the up, down and around trails at Galena to the slight inclines of the Harriman trail, just match your trail selection to your energy and mood. Try the aptly named Psycho or Rip and Tear trails at Galena on a high energy day!

Nordic Skiing Sun Valley, Idaho - Ray J. Gadd

3. The Grooming — Every Day!

Another thing that sets Sun Valley apart is the impeccable and predictable grooming. Just get up in the morning, check the Blaine County Recreation District grooming report, and head out for some fresh tracks.

Nordic Skiing Sun Valley, Idaho - Ray J. Gadd

4. Calories out = Calories In

Another reason why we love Nordic skiing so much is that it allows for some guilt-free indulgence. Not only is it a great way to connect with nature, but it has the added bonus of burning 700+ calories an hour. Take advantage of a couple of great restaurants right on the trails or head into town and try out one of our many breakfast, lunch or dinner spots. Our recommendations for on-trail treats: Crab Louie salad at the Sun Valley Golf Clubhouse topped off with their free, warm, home-baked chocolate chip cookies delivered at the end of your meal. Or try the grown-up grilled cheese at Galena Lodge, with a named-after-the chef signature Don Bar if you really need to top off your energy stores.


5. They’re For Furry Friends Too

Not only are dogs allowed on many of the Sun Valley area trails, they are truly embraced and welcomed! With more than 40km of dog friendly trails, your canine friend will have a great variety to choose from too. If you left your dog at home and need a fix, don’t worry – we can help with that too.


Come on out and experience the trails for yourself! Already skied here? Let us know what your favorite things are about the Nordic scene here in Sun Valley!

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