Get Your Sweat On

There are arguably as many ways to break a sweat and amp up your heart rate as there are scenic trails and steep mountain slopes here in the Sun Valley, Idaho area. While the outdoors are most folks first choice around here, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and the indoors are the best way to get the job done. Deciding where to start can be overwhelming so I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of my favorite places to throw weights around, work on my endurance and/or find my Namaste.


The Mill SV | Ketchum  

Sun Valley’s first treadmill studio, The Mill, is exactly what it sounds like a total sweat-run-lift gym/mill. On one wall at the Mill you’ll find a line up of state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills. Unlike the run-of-the mill treadmills (pardon the pun), Woodway treadmills minimize impact on joints and are honestly the nicest way to run indoors. Owner, runner and fitness expert Tiffany Larson teaches one-hour treadmill interval classes that will leave you in a puddle of sweat and with a 400 to 700 calories burn to show for it! Beyond the treadmill, The Mill offers Power Mill classes, a mix of treadmill intervals and weight work as well as personal training. Devotees swear by these classes and newbies are quickly addicted. Maybe I’m biased because I teach a few of the Power Mill classes, but honestly, even if I weren’t teaching, I’d still go because these classes are a complete and efficient total body workout.  Head on over to the website to book a class or learn more: https://www.themillsv.com/



Gather Yoga Studio | Ketchum  

Gather Yoga Studio, located in the heart of Ketchum, holds classes seven days a week and has the perfect class for you whether you’re new to yoga or have mastered your handstand. Class temperatures also range. If you are looking for a hot sweaty, flow-until-you-glow class Beth Stuart’s class is for you! If you are looking for a session that gets deep into the poses, concentrates on the breath and lets you do it all while still wearing long sleeves, classes by Cathie Caccia fit the bill nicely. Find out more class options: http://gatheryogastudio.com/


Sun Valley Fitness | Ketchum

Located in in the YMCA, this program offers a CrossFit style-esque workout. The Sun Valley Fitness classes feature weights upon weights to throw around and all of the latest and greatest equipment sure to create a new kind of muscle fatigue. Alex, the gym owner, is originally from the Bay Area and brought with him the CrossFit mentality but he’s fine tuned it to create a workout that will have you ready to ski or bike Baldy from top to bottom. Ketchum locals and visitors alike find Alex’s workouts the perfect cocktail of high intensity and endurance. We are talking all of the burpees, thrusters and pull-ups your heart desires! To learn more about the class times and coaches visit: https://www.sunvalley.fitness


HardCore Training Center | Ketchum

The motto for this gym is “Growing young, while getting old.” If you are looking for no-impact, pain-free results this is the sweatbox for you! Bill and Naty Nurge are both all about getting their clients to the next level through low-impact exercise regimes that will build strength and keep energy levels high. Their group TRX classes will challenge every muscle group in your body and, trust me, you will feel the shake when taking one of these classes. They also offer ski conditioning classes that will help your training whether you’re into nordic or alpine. The conditioning classes put you through a plethora of stability and agility exercises because, as they say you train for variability! To learn more about the gym or sign up for class go to: http://www.hardcoretrainingcenter.com/

As mentioned, these are just a few of my favorites. There are lots of places to get your sweat on in Sun Valley–indoors and out. So get out there and get in there and enjoy all that this great valley has to offer!


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