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Shaw Shooting School

Learn to shoot from 2-Time National Pistol Shooting Champion, Houston Shaw at one of the countries most premier ranges.  The Shaw Shooting School is a world class firearms training facility that caters to all skill levels for any occasion.  You will not find a better shooting range combined with quality of instruction anywhere in the United States.  Check out our shooting facility here: 'Shooting Ranges'   

About Shaw Shooting:

We provide firearm classes for events such as weddings, bachelorette/bachlor parties, company get-aways, men's/women's weekends, birthdays, private 1/2-2 day firearm courses, etc.. as well regular classes that are scheduled on the weekends for various firearms training.  Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned vet, Shaw Shooting is the place to train.  

 Check out 'Class Schedule' to sign-up for a weekend class today or email to schedule a private class/event!  

Instructor Bio:

Houston Shaw is a graduate from the University of Nevada with a degree in business management. He's a professional shooter and owner/lead instructor at The Shaw Shooting School in Hagerman, Idaho. He's been shooting his whole life and has been instructing for over 7 years. He started teaching at Mid-South Institute of Combat Shooting in 2010 and is a guest instructor there throughout the year. He's worked mostly with United States Special Operations but has been teaching civilian classes the past 4 summers at his Idaho location. He can accommodate his classes for various skill levels from beginner to grand master.

Houston's accomplishments include 2-time Production Steel Challenge National Champion (2011)(2012); Runner-Up Limited and Production Steel Challenge World Speed Shooitng Championships (2014); Man VS Man Grand Nationals Master Champion (2011); 2nd Place Man VS Man Grand Nationals Grand Master (2012 & 2013); 3rd Place Production Steel Challenge Worlds (2011)


The range facility includes over 400 steel targets to be engaged with pistols and high powered rifles.  The Shaw Shooting School has the entire 8 stages of the World Pistol Speed Shooting Championships, Bianchi Cup's steel mover and plate racks, as well as the majority of the stages of the Man Vs. Man Grand National Pistol Championships.  There are a total of 18 different ranges.  The school has steel targets that range from 7 yards to 1,400 yards.  350 steel targets are for pistol engagement and the other 50 can be engaged with most high-powered rifles.  Most of the steel is stationary; however some of the ranges include a pneumatic air sysytem that can bring the targets back to sight once they have been knocked down.  The Shaw Shooting School also has a paper range for fundamental accurate shooting.  

The Shaw Shooting facility has 16 sporting clay machines and 2 sporting clay courses for shotgun courses.  A single wireless remote can discharge every machine within a 5 acre range  

The Shaw Shooting Range is located at 842 East, 2700 South in Hagerman, ID 83332.
Hours of Operation: 

Private classes by appointment.


Shaw Shooting


823 East 2700 South
83332 Hagerman , ID
Ph. 208-481-0085