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HardCore Training Center


Pain free results: There's training and then there's HardCore Training. Our science fueled FUNctional workouts coupled with 30 years of experience working with humans of all ages and abilities, means you get super fit without getting hurt.

Truth in fitness: We believe in order to achieve true fitness, you must consider everything. That's why every cutting edge HardCore workout incorporates three dimensional multi-joint movements that build balance, mobility, coordination, power, stamina and strength. We know that you cannot out-train a bad diet and lifestyle so we are there every step of the way to help you make healthy choices. Our unique integrated approach to fitness will make you better at everything you do. We believe in building better athletes not just better body parts. 

Movement matters:  When was the last time in your life or sport you needed to squat with a barbell on your back? Or lay on a bench and push dumbbells? Or swing a kettlebell? Jump up on to a box? These are all perfectly symmetrical uni-planar movements that don't teach your body how to effectively apply force in your three dimensional world.  How well you can move your body to produce force in all three dimensions under imperfect conditions is what matters.  We believe in preparing your body for the constant variability and imperfection of life and sports.

Don't go it alone: We believe life is more fun when you're fit and pain free. The more fit you are, the more energy you have and the better you feel. Getting fit without getting injured is far more complex than it seems. That's why you don't train alone at HardCore. Whether you are in a private, semi-private or group class, you are always under our watchful eye. We want to insure that your movements are safe and effective.  For the same reasons you hire experts to work on your car, house, legal issues, or investments you want experts to manage your most valuable possessions: your health, your body, your ability to move, your energy level and your happiness.  

Change your Body, Change your Life: It's what we do. It's who we are. We design and implement FUNctional workouts that change your body from the inside out. Intelligently investing in your health and fitness now, will pay huge dividends down the road. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing you get more fit so you can get more enjoyment out of your life and sports.

BILL NURGE, M.A. Exercise Physiology

  • B.A. Biology, Cum Laude 
  • 30 years experience training & coaching 
  • Published and Presented numerous Scientific studies at the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Presented numerous workshops and classes at the IDEA International Fitness Convention
  • Extensive experience with human performance testing (VO2 max, anaerobic threshold) and exercise program design.
  • TRX and Fundamentals of Movement certified.
  • Top 10, 1992 Olympic Trials Biathlon.
  • 2nd, Summer Biathlon National Championships.
  • 2nd, Nationals Masters Nordic Championships.
  • Top 5, World Masters Nordic Championships
  • Top 5, Biathlon North American Championships
  • 4 x Winner Baldy Hill Climb.
  • 4x Winner Baldy Snowshoe Hill Climb. 
  • 2x Winner Baldy Shop to Top Hill Climb.
  • 2x Winner Baldy Double Hill Climb.
  • Record holder for Baldy Snowshoe Hill Climb.
  • Record holder for Sawtooth Century K.O.M.
  • 3rd Place,  World SkiErg Sprint Championships.
  • 2nd Place, Worlds Toughest 10k.

NATY NURGE, M.S. Engineering & MBA. 
OWNER & A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer.

  • Life Coach 
  • TRX instructor
  • 2 time winner of the ECO-CHALLENGE RACE  (swim, bike, kayak, run, climb)
  • 1rd Place,  American SkiErg Sprint Championships 500 mts.
  • 2nd place Worlds Toughest 10K
Hours of Operation: 

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Click on this link for more information and class schedule:


200 First Avenue North
83340 Ketchum , ID
Ph. 208-720-1829