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Idaho Ski Resorts Listed by Vertical Drop and Snowfall

Idaho Ski Resorts

  Ski season is almost here, and Idaho is the place to be if you love cutting through fresh snow on a pair of skis or a snowboard. The state is home to 18 ski resorts, each with its own personality and unique draws. With so many ski resorts to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable snow season in Idaho. Explore this Infographic of all Idaho Ski Resorts sorted by vertical drop and includes average annual snowfall and skiable acres. idaho-ski-resorts-infographic


Sun Valley

Located in central Idaho, Sun Valley was the starting point for Warren Miller who lived and worked at the resort. Sun Valley fulfills its name well. It is known for its sunny days and pleasant temperatures. The resort’s ski runs offer gorgeous scenery and well-groomed trails for skiers of all levels. After a long day on the mountain, warm up in one of the cozy lounges or choose from many available restaurants to fill your belly with good food. Acres: 2,154 Avg. Snowfall: 220” Vertical Drop: 3,400′ Sun-Valley-Ski-Resort

Pebble Creek

With over 50 named runs and 1,110 acres of land, you really can’t run out of choices at Pebble Creek. This resort offers runs for every skill level, from first-timers, to expert daredevils. The resort is located along the slopes of Mount Bonneville, the highest mountain of the Portneuf Range. Get ready for some breathtaking views if you visit on a clear day! After a hard day’s ski, warm yourself up at the popular Rock Bottom Saloon. You can find a proper restaurant and lodging choices near the resort. Acres: 1,100 Avg. Snowfall: 225” Vertical Drop: 2,911’


Tamarack sits at the end of the Bitterroot Mountains just north of Boise. This year-round resort offers skiers and snowboarders a wide variety of terrain as well as runs to suit any level. Visitors will get to enjoy steeps, cornices, glades, and groomers. This family-friendly resort offers luxury accommodations in many forms, including condos, chalets, and even posh homes. Acres: 1,000 Avg. Snowfall: 300” Vertical Drop: 2,800’ Tamarack Ski Resort


Grand Targhee

The Grand Targhee Resort is one of the higher-end resorts in Idaho, but you’ll get plenty for your money when you try out the 90-plus runs on this massive resort that encompasses over 2,500 acres. The resort offers gorgeous runs for all skill levels, including a few runs that will challenge even expert skiers and snowboarders. Located near Driggs, the resort is close to many lodging options and cozy restaurants that can re-fuel you for tomorrow’s adventure. Acres: 2,602 Avg. Snowfall: 500” Vertical Drop: 2,270′  



Whether you’ve never clipped into a pair of skis or snowboard in your life, or you’ve been hankering to test your courage against a double black diamond, you won’t be disappointed at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in the Selkirk Mountains. This good-sized resort offers a variety of terrain for every level of skier, including open bowls and scenic, tree-lined runs. When you stand atop Schweitzer, you’ll see a beautiful mountain panorama and even parts of Canada on a clear day! The resort includes plenty of eating, shopping, and lodging options, but if you need even more excitement, downtown Sandpoint is an easy drive away. Acres: 2,900 Avg. Snowfall: 300” Vertical Drop: 2,400’  

Silver Mountain

Have a hankering to see the world’s longest gondola? Now you can at Silver Mountain, located in Kellogg at the northern end of Idaho. This family friendly resort provides scenic ski runs over challenging terrain as well as fun tubing runs for kids and kids-at-heart. Every level of skier and snowboarder can find runs to love here. After a long day in the snow, it’s time to retreat to the gondola village where plenty of restaurants, entertainment, and lodging choices await. Acres: 1,600 Avg. Snowfall: 300” Vertical Drop: 2,200’  

Bogus Basin

One of the most treasured ski resorts in Idaho, Bogus Basin has been providing snowy fun to skiers for over 70 years. This large resort includes over 50 ski runs and three separate lodges. Skiers of all levels will find something to love on these slopes. Even if you can’t ski down a bunny slope, you can still try some tubing or snowshoeing. Boise is less than 20 miles away, so you have plenty of lodging and nearby entertainment choices to choose from. Acres: 2,600 Avg. Snowfall: 250” Vertical Drop: 1,800’



Brundage is a classic ski resort located in the mountains of Central Idaho. The resort claims to have the best snow in Idaho. Certainly, it has a strong reputation for well-groomed runs and powdery glades. With over 50 runs, you’ll have lots of options for the day! Skiers of all levels are invited to hit the slopes during the day and then to enjoy good grub and lodgings in the evenings. Downtown McCall is a short drive away and offers entertainment, shopping, and more good eats. Acres: 1,500 Avg. Snowfall: 320” Vertical Drop: 1,800′  

Lost Trail

This ski area couldn’t have been named better. Even though it’s been in operation for over 75 years, Lost Trail is still a hidden treasure located right on the Idaho-Montana border. Take in the glorious Rocky Mountains as you glide down scenic, uncrowded runs. With over 50 named runs, you’ll have plenty of adventures to choose from. On certain days, it can feel like you have the mountain to yourself. After you’ve conquered the mountain for the day, you’ll discover lots of great eats and places to sleep just a short drive away. Acres: 1,800 Avg. Snowfall: 325” Vertical Drop: 1,800′  

Soldier Mountain

This no-frills, low-cost ski area sits on the southern fringe of the Sawtooth National Forest and includes exciting terrain. Cut a course through bowls and glades and make sure to watch out for the trees! Want something a little more challenging? Soldier Mountain is the only ski area in South-Central Idaho that offers cat skiing tours of the backcountry. You’ll find plenty of accommodation options in the surrounding towns, and the lodge serves lots of great comfort food. Acres: 1,150 Avg. Snowfall: 100” Vertical Drop: 1,400’  

Lookout Pass

Lookout Pass is a family friendly ski resort right on the border between Idaho and Montana. You can actually ride the lift up the Idaho side of the mountain and ski down the Montana side! Now that’s a great way to see two states. Lookout Pass is known for its thick snowfall and well-maintained runs. It also offers a Free Ski School to kids, so your little tykes can follow in your ski or snowboard tracks. You’ll find plenty of lodging and eating options in the nearby town, including cozy B&Bs and low price motels. Acres: 540 Avg. Snowfall: 400” Vertical Drop: 1,150′ Lookout Pass Idaho


Kelly Canyon

Located in the Targhee National Forest, Kelly Canyon provides you with lots of great ski and snowboard choices. With over 50 ski runs to choose from, Kelly Canyon is a resort for all ski levels. Whether you are strapping on a snowboard for the first time, need to shake the rust off, or want to truly challenge yourself this year, Kelly Canyon is the place to do it. One unique thing about this resort is that when the sun goes down, the lights come on. If you’ve never skied or snowboarded at night, you’ll find the experience exhilarating. Acres: 640 Avg. Snowfall: 200” Vertical Drop: 1,000′  


This resort located in the Sawtooth National Forest caters specifically to families and offers over two dozen well-groomed runs for every level of skier and snowboarder. The resort gets early snow and is often one of the first to open its slopes. The resort offers dining and lodging options, but you can also make your way to nearby Albion or Burly for even more choices. Acres: 500 Avg. Snowfall: 500” Vertical Drop: 1000’ Pomerelle Ski Resort


Cottonwood Butte

Cottonwood Butte is a friendly little ski lodge located next to Cottonwood, Idaho in the heart of the Camas Prairie. The area includes a handful of fun ski runs and a low price that is friendly to families and cash-strapped skiers who want to have some time on the snow without breaking the bank. You won’t get all the bells and whistles at Cottonwood Butte, but you can still have lots of fun. The bunny hill is perfect for new skiers and snowboarders, and the lunch counter offers yummy comfort food and drinks to put the finishing touch on your day. Acres: 260 Avg. Snowfall: 45” Vertical Drop: 845’  

Bald Mountain (Clearwater Mountains)

Bald Mountain has been an Idaho Institution for over 50 years. This small ski resort located in the Clearwater Mountains includes over a dozen runs and is a low-price option for skiers and families on a budget. Just because this resort is low priced doesn’t mean you have to lower your expectations. There are runs for every level of skier, from first-timers to experts looking for a challenge. The café serves drinks that will help warm you up after all your snow fun. Acres: 140 Avg. Snowfall: 230” Vertical Drop: 825’  

Magic Mountain

This small, reasonably priced resort is the perfect option for families or groups on a budget. It is particularly suited to beginner and intermediate skiers but also offers a few more advanced runs for experienced skiers and snowboarders. Located in Kimberly, Idaho, Magic Mountain isn’t the most glamorous ski resort in Idaho, but it can offer families lots of fun without breaking the bank. Acres: 120 Avg. Snowfall: 230” Vertical Drop: 740’


Little Ski Hill

What Little Ski Hill lacks in size and runs, it makes up for in fun! This small (you can call it cozy) ski area is the only nearby ski option in the McCall area, and it’s been attracting locals and visitors for over 75 years. It’s a great place for little ones and new skiers to learn the ropes and for a casual sky day with friends. The trails are well-maintained, and there’s even a terrain park with airbag if you want to work on some cool tricks. McCall is only two miles away and provides a variety of dining and lodging options. Acres: 50 Avg. Snowfall: 180” Vertical Drop: 405’  


Snowhaven is proof positive that you don’t have to be a paragon of the skis or snowboard to have tons of fun on the white stuff. This small outfit offers some of the best and biggest tubing hills in the entire state, including a 1,100-foot run! Snowhaven is also an excellent destination for novice and intermediate skiers who aren’t looking to take on any black diamonds today. Snowhaven is located just seven miles from the charming town of Grangeville, where you can find plenty of good eats, fun entertainment, and comfy lodging options. Acres: 40 Avg. Snowfall: 60” Vertical Drop: 400’

Snowhaven Ski Resort


All these ski resorts prove that Idaho is one of the best skiing destinations in the United States and possibly the whole world. Whether you want a small, budget-friendly experience for the whole family or top-notch runs and luxury lodges, you’ll find it in Idaho. We hope to see you on the slopes soon!

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