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First Turns on Baldy

The reward of a pre dawn start is one of the most guaranteed-to-be-stunning sunrises the eyes have ever seen.

“My job is better than your vacation” says the sticker. “At either end of the socioeconomic spectrum lies a liesure class,” says a good friend. It’s true either way and in Sun Valley you find both ends of the spectrum passionate about the same thing: skiing/snowboarding. We all rise in the morning and look out the window, living the dream at the base of a ski mountain. Visiting this area is an experience in authentic mountain towns. Frequently found shocking to many, real people live here who exude a sense of warmth and hospitality that keeps people coming back. All it takes is one visit, and you are hooked. That’s how we all ended up here and we take pride in who we are and where we live, wanting you to appreciate it as much as we do. Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain is predictably ready to rip thanks to its ice-cream headache inducing cold air and a massive snow making system. In a year like last year we had great skiing even with the widespread lack of cooperation from Mother Nature. This year we have been blessed, conditions are ripening. Before the mountain opens, the itch needs to be scratched. Prior to work, at lunch and after work every nutcase with a leg to stand on is hiking to ride Baldy’s 3300 vertical. You see this place has addiction problems. This one is for exercise disguised as recreation.

The hike up Baldy in the early season is a reconnection with the mountain and offers time to meditate. Once the lifts start spinning the game changes.

Standing on the edge of the earth, south slopes still bare, north slopes stocked with goodness.

Zach Crist will tell you getting the arc on feels like rebirth. Addictive personalities tend to thrive in these conditions.

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