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Play Hard Give Back believes in balance. Based out of Ketchum, Idaho, we thrive on adventure and getting out there, loading up the bike, skis, climbing gear and fly rod because that’s living. At the same time, PHGB feels that active lifestyles should be balanced by a mindfulness of what makes the good times possible. We believe in a sense of gratitude — for the powder days, for the communities that support us, for our healthy bodies.

PHGB’s philosophy is simple: Play Hard and Give Back. Give back to your community. Give back to kids in need. Give back to planet earth, our big green playground. Give back because the world is connected and compassion is the only means of saving it.

Since January 1st, 2013, Play Hard Give Back (PHGB) has translated this philosophy into a business of selling varieties of trail mix in grocery stores and retailers across the West. PHGB is a distinct social-profit company, which connects with elite athletes and nonprofits to create product lines that put consumer dollars to work.

With every sale of PHGB product, revenue is split between an athlete (to keep them playing hard), his or her chosen charity (to give back) and PHGB (to keep the cycle going).

No matter what, we want balance, a rhythm of funding for athletes and nonprofits, who are working together, playing hard and giving back.

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