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Local Food Alliance

Local and regional food is a powerful lever of change for the individual, economic, and environmental health of the Wood River Valley.

Local Food Alliance, a program of Sun Valley Institute for Resilience, plays a crucial and often behind-the-scenes role in driving our local food movement. The coordination and support that we provide to farmers, restaurants, schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals is aimed at creating the change needed to achieve a resilient community food system.

Through our initiatives, LFA works to identify, develop and facilitate effective solutions for our community. As we increase demand for locally and regionally grown food, we simultaneously strive to make it more available and accessible for residents of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Changing our food system is no easy feat. But it is critical to combat local and global problems including obesity and diabetes, food insecurity, animal mistreatment, environmental degradation, and climate change.

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