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Welcome to JYTTE®, it's pronounced you-tay®.
Manufacturer and Designer of Merino Wool Beanies.

We are a very unusual company making a very unique product. The product and business evolved from my passions and lifestyle which translates authentic, colorful, fun and quality.
The beanies are coveted by people who gravitate to those qualities in their own lives. Our patterns and colorations are constantly changing reflecting the experiences that are ongoing.

Real product for real people, Really living Life!

But we don’t stop there.
We are constantly thinking up ways to recycle our scraps. We are very proud to be able to not impact our mountain environment with unnecessary trash.
Our excess micro fleece remnants are sewn into cat beds, both sold and donated to rescue shelters and clinics.
We creatively make products from our knit fabric remnants. They are always fun and original items such as teddy bears, pouches, mitts, cat toys, finger-less wrist gloves all of which we make available on a limited offering.

Thank you for helping to complete the circle of these lifestyle passions and this venture by purchasing and wearing our beanies.

Know that you are supporting everything from true local craftsmanship, a minimal Eco footprint, dogs in the workplace thru to the adventures and stories that really create the fabric designs that we produce.

We don’t just talk it, we live it, we design it, we make it…. so you can go and play in it!

Hours of Operation: 
Monday- Friday Showroom Call for Appointment




130 Gulf Stream Lane PO Box 4264
83333 Hailey , ID
Ph. 208-928-7490