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Crystal Healing Room

Welcome to the Crystal Healing Room! We are Ketchum’s new spot for high vibrational energy crystals, shamanic sessions, guided shamanic meditation classes, and more! The Crystal Healing Room is most importantly, a sanctuary. During our meditation classes, our shaman creates a space of freedom and healing where all individuals find freedom in expressing their true emotions. Because of shaman’s abilities, you also receive personal messages from your angels and spirit guides in the class.

We welcome you to stop in and discover which crystal you are most drawn to! Our crystals have all been cleansed and recharged by our shaman. We also offer crystal jewelry, singing bowls, meditation tools, and private shamanic intuitive sessions!

We are owned by the House of Angels Foundation, 501(c)3. Our Foundation works to create orphanages and healing centers around the world. Over the years we have also helped people escaping domestic violence, sex trafficking, addiction, and more. Our goal is to spread healing throughout the world and continue creating sanctuaries for those seeking their higher selves and connection with the Universe. Our hearts are especially focused on children who are in most need of care and nurturing. All proceeds from the Crystal Healing Room go towards achieving the Foundation’s mission.

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