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Camp Hodia

Camp Hodia is Idaho’s camp for youth with type 1 diabetes. Camp Hodia is run by Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs, a local nonprofit organization. We have been serving children from our camp home in Blaine County for more than 30 years.

Our camps are designed to foster self-reliance, education and inspiration through healthy self-management of type 1 diabetes, often in outdoor environments. Our primary goal is to guide children, teens, and young adults with type 1 diabetes in understanding and making healthy choices.  "Hodia" comes from a combination of the words idaHO DIAbetes. Camp Hodia offers our youth multiple benefits:

- Encourage positive relationships among people living with diabetes, showing them they are not alone.
- Seek to inspire confidence and the ability to live successfully with type 1 diabetes through teachable moments offered as on-the-spot educational experiences and dedicated programs.
- Help participants understand wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.
- Provide support and tools for healthy living to young adults with diabetes so that they may develop positive well-being and supportive social networks.
- Accept participants regardless of their ability to pay.