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Aithre Air

Aithre Air designs portable oxygen inlightweight carbon fiber refillable bottles and health technology for aviation, mountain sports, and avalanche safety. Our composite carbon fiber bottles are refillable with pure aviator’s oxygen at our local store in Ketchum, along with our award winning oxygen monitoring technology that is iOS/iWatch compatible.

Portable personal oxygen can help reduce fatigue and altitude symptoms such as headache, rapid breathing and nausea that people often encounter as they go up in altitude. Oxygen can alleviate your symptoms and make your adventure last longer with less recovery. Safety plays a role as well with mountain sports where there are real avalanche risk factors to consider when taking oxygen on the trip.

We designed the Aithre bottle to be simple to operate with a combined valve/regulator that offers one-step operation.  Simply turn the knob to start and stop the oxygen delivery preset at 0.5LPM (ideal for up to 15k MSL).  A modern and elegant pressure gauge allows you to keep track of your oxygen use and manage the flow.

Each Aithre bottle comes with a Uni-flo2 cannula.  This innovative cannula has a single prong that can be inserted in one nostril or, alternatively, in the corner of your mouth like a water dispenser.  The Uni-flo2 includes a unique wire insert within the tubing for shape memory comfort.

The Aithre Air bottles can be purchased from us or from our other local retailer Sturtevants. The bottles range in usage time from 2.1 hours to 30 hours depending on the size. The Aithre bottle can be filled only by Aithre at our downtown Main Street location in Ketchum or self-filled using Aithre supplied transfilling equipment.

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