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Local Remedies for Active Bodies

How do our uber-active, full-time residents keep going? What I like to call our “Muscle Mystics” come to the rescue, keeping us--and visitors--tuned up and ready for the next adventure. There are many of these kind of body workers and healers in ...

Sun Valley: Where the Beer and Healthy Initiatives Flow Like Wine

SKI towns typically are not synonymous with health. After a full day of shredding we post up for pints, happy hour discounted nachos, and chicken wings. Our mogul-mashing thighs have earned it, right?...

How to Beat Cabin Fever in Sun Valley

When the weather is too cold to recreate outdoors and not yet snowy enough to ski, cabin fever can challenge Sun Valley residents and visitors alike. Beat the shoulder-season blues with this holistic ...

10 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Sun Valley, Idaho

Enjoying Sun Valley’s long, sun-soaked days doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here are ten of the best free (and nearly free) experiences to enjoy this summer.

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