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4 Ways to Best Experience Fly Fishing in Sun Valley

Sun Valley still supports the kind of fishery you might have imagined existed back when Lewis & Clark first made their trip through Idaho. Fly fishing on four extraordinarily diverse waterways sit anywhere from a stones throw to an hour drive away hold a diverse species of fish. Find monstrous brown trout in Silver Creek, healthy rainbows in the Big Wood River, vibrant cutthroats in the Lost River, and apex bull trout & salmonoids in the Salmon River. Combined, these famed Idaho rivers/creeks make the area a true nexus of freshwater fly fishing. The Sun Valley area offers an incredible diversity of fly fishing opportunities for everyone from the casual novice to the ambitious expert. Time to buy a stack of postcards for Mom, because you’ll have plenty of fish stories to tell after wading our local waters.

Guided Fly Fishing


There are a ton of great fishing holes spread all across the Wood River Valley and even more on the neighboring drainages. With hundreds of miles of waterways and ever-changing meanders the best way to maximize your fly fishing experience is to hire a guide. Beyond just knowing all the honey holes, guides will set you up with the tastiest fly’s to get even the most stubborn lunker to rise. Below are three of the top fly fishing shops in the west with the best guides in the area to make sure you head home with stories to tell and pictures to prove it!

Old fishing picture circa 1950s
Fly Fishing has a long history in Sun Valley and there is good reason why.


Ketchum Fishing map
We are lucky to have plentiful river access right from town so don’t trespass.

Things to have

  • Fishing License
  • Extra Flys
  • Waders and Wading boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Camera
  • Snacks
Sliver creek fly fishing

Bonus Tips

  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll return.
  • Dress appropriately and have a dry change of clothes waiting in your vehicle.
  • Handle fish properly. They are saving energy and are covered in a protective slime that can be removed when handled. So use your net when landing fish and make sure your hands are wet and your camera is ready for any photos.
  • Be aware of wildlife. Moose, elk and deer spend a lot of time by the river. Try not to startle them.
  • Remember to stop and take in the moment. Enjoy the beauty of it all. 

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