Why Photography? A group exhibition

Thu, Mar 18th - Mon, Apr 26th

through Mon, Apr 26th

March 2021

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Gilman Contemporary

“Why Photography?” is an ode to our passion for photography and the wide range of techniques and styles this medium allows. One of the greatest powers of photography is the ability for an image to give the viewer a new perspective on how we see, and experience life. Fine art photography has continued to evolve technically and visually since its inception in the 1830s, and our artists in this exhibition demonstrate the vast scope of this art form. From the iconic fashion imagery of Melvin Sokolsky, and the intimate still-lifes of Jefferson Hayman to Laurie Victor Kay’s large-scale digitally altered landscapes and Charles Kay Jr’s lenticular photographs that let you travel to multiple cities at once, this exhibition explores how photography can transport you to new places.

Fine art photography is something we have enjoyed sharing with our patrons since first opening the gallery and our passion for collecting the medium has not diminished. The visual escape this medium provides has only amplified our love and our desire to share it.

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