The Fruits of Botanical Exploration

Thu, Apr 1st, 6:30pm


April 2021


Wood River Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society

The Wood River Chapter of Idaho Native Plant Society (INPS) will present a talk online by Dr. Don Mansfield. The zoom meeting will begin at 6:30pm on 1 April 2021 and will last around 1 ½ hours including time for questions.

For the past 45 years Don Mansfield has been exploring botanically interesting locations in Idaho, southeastern Oregon and northern Nevada. He will share some of what keeps him on the hunt for plants. Mansfield got his doctoral degree at Idaho State University mainly focusing on teaching biology, but also beginning to collect plants in earnest as he researched plant adaptatons. After teaching elsewhere, Don found his home in Idaho in 1989. When he arrived he realized that the most needed and appropriate research project was to study the diversity of plants in southwestern Idaho and southeastern Oregon. That research led to his publication of the Flora of Steens Mountain, a field guide that his students and a wider audience would find valuable in beginning to learn about the botanical wonders of our region. The more he studied plant diversity in this region the more he realized that much of the diversity was undescribed. In the past 2 decades he has been working on a Flora of southwestern Idaho while describing many new species. Among several of the new finds are members of the biscuitroot genus, Lomatium, and in collaboration with Dr. Jim Smith at Boise State University he is also examining the evolution of that group of members of the parsley family. This is sure to be an exciting presentation, and just in time for the spring flora.

To receive a link to attend this online talk on Zoom, please email [email protected] before 5pm on April 1. The Idaho Native Plant Society is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest in native plants and plant communities, and collecting and sharing information on all phases of the botany of native plants in Idaho. We seek to foster an understanding and appreciation of our native flora and to preserve this rich heritage for future generations. For more information or to join our local chapter, visit

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