SKIBSKA – Labyrinth of Light | Friesen+Lantz

Tue, Mar 1st - Fri, Mar 4th

through Fri, Mar 4th

March 2022

Friesen+Lantz Fine Art

320 1st Ave N, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA


Inaugural Exhibition | Friesen+Lantz Fine Art

Anna Skibska is an innovator in the world of glassmaking, utilizing her signature technique to capture, bend and stretch light through the medium of glass. She is fascinated by the paradox of light’s inherent traits creating the ability to see, yet also holding the potential to blind. Debuting a fascinating new series of work, the artist explores the myth of Ariadne and the Labyrinth by creating a dynamic play between darkness, light and shadow.

“My primary medium as a sculptor is thinking–specifically about space and light, and the material that best embodies my thoughts is predominantly glass,” Skibska says. “I believe that architecture is a crown for art, sound and silence, light and dark, not mere brick and steel. Architecture and art are strongly connected: fine art does not decorate architecture; architecture is not a shell for fine art. They are an integral part of each other, and this relationship greatly interests me.”

Skibska’s artwork bridges the worlds of architecture, line drawing and sculpture. With her skillful use of an acetylene torch, the artist manipulates glass rods into fine intertwining threads, creating translucent ethereal webs of gravity defying forms.

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