Restoring Ecosystem Functionality and Biodiversity with Pollinators

Wed, Feb 24th, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

6:00pm - 7:00pm

February 2021

The Community Library Livestream

The Community Library and Wood River Land Trust

How can humans benefit from green infrastructure and ecological landscape restorations?

In collaboration with the Wood River Land Trust as part of its “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally Speaker Series,” The Community Library welcomes author Heather Holm, who will discuss ways we can achieve a sustainable coexistence with the rest of life on earth. Models of restorative landscaping including residential and community opportunities will be highlighted as well as thoughtful plant selection, ecosystem functionality, and how biodiversity can be maximized. A focus on pollinator habitat and outcomes, trouble shooting and monitoring of restorations, and funding opportunities will also be included in the presentation.

Heather Holm is an award-winning author spending much of her time passionately educating audiences about the fascinating world of native bees and the native plants that support them. Her first book, Pollinators of Native Plants, was published in 2014, and her latest book, Bees, published in 2017, has won six book awards including the 2018 American Horticultural Society Book Award. Heather’s expertise includes the interactions between native bees and native plants, and the natural history and biology of native bees occurring in the upper Midwest and Northeast.

Following Heather’s discussion, Keri York, Lands Program Manager for the Wood River Land Trust will talk about the work the Land Trust is doing to increase pollinator habitat here in the Wood River Valley. She will then take questions from the audience and will provide ways for listeners to get involved, to make a difference on this global issue here in their own backyard.

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