Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge

Fri, May 28th - Mon, May 31st

through Mon, May 31st

May 2021


(254) 541-9661

The Be Good™ Foundation and ultra endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch invite you to ride and run from wherever you are to challenge yourself and help protect the outdoor spaces we all cherish.
Globally, we will rack up the elevation in full Everest, 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 the elevation of Mount Everest (29,032 feet/8,848 meters). Why? To push you further than you thought you could go…Queen of Pain style. AND to raise awareness and funds to support organizations that preserve, protect and honor outdoor natural places and advocate for accessible outdoor experiences for everyone. Ride or run, inside or out, together as part of our global team. Training plans available as well. Leaderboard, prizes and awards included!

The Be Good™ Foundation is named for Rebecca’s father, Capt. Stephen A. Rusch, USAF (KIA, Vietnam War). In his letters from the front lines, his watchwords to his young children were always, “Be
Good,” and it’s the credo by which Rebecca lives her life. To honor her dad, all veterans, and all who serve and sacrifice in this immensely challenging moment, Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to dig deep, challenge ourselves for a common cause and “Be Good.”

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