Malm Gulch hike with Idaho Native Plant Society

Sat, Oct 15th

All Day

last month

Hailey Park and Ride lot

River St X Bullion St

Wood River Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society

That’s One Big Tree! Each year we have featured a mega-size tree for this fall hike. In a quirky twist, we are going to feature a whole petrified forest this year. We will drive to Malm Gulch (near Challis) for a real adventure. Malm Gulch was much different 50 million years ago. It was a sequoia forest with a carpet of ferns underfoot. Today, petrified stumps of those redwoods still stand in a beautiful desert landscape with some verrrrry interesting plant species. Medium Difficulty rated hike for the uneven footing, around 3 miles in length. Vehicles should have high clearance to get to the trail head (my Subaru Outback made it most of the way). Meet at HP&R to leave by 8:00 am (please arrive by 7:45). We can carpool from there and collapse down to less vehicles at the highway turnoff. This will take all day, and it will be worth it. If you are interested in camping afterwards with us at Challis Hot Springs, call 208-879-4442 for a reservation.

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