Kelly Ording~ A Bright Side Exhibition at Gilman Contemporary

Wed, Jun 9th - Fri, Jul 16th

through Fri, Jul 16th

June 2021

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Gilman Contemporary

Gilman Contemporary is pleased to announce “A Bright Side” an exhibition of works on paper and canvas by Oakland, CA artist Kelly Ording.

From muted tones to vibrant colors, pen and ink drawings to paintings, Kelly Ording intentionally pushes the limits of minimalism and representation. She separates her paintings between abstracted landscapes and geometric abstractions, the former being intuitive and the latter being more intentional. The landscapes pull their palettes from the natural world, while the geometric pieces give Kelly the freedom to use bright and exuberant tones.

Each piece begins with a dyeing process, setting up a composition based on the natural result of this process. Some papers or canvases are dyed by hand with large watercolor brushes and others are dip-dyed. Kelly’s process mimics natural occurrences, like the tides and the unstoppable passing of time which she constantly contemplates.

“The past year has undoubtedly challenged our understanding of the passing of time. My paintings explore the marking of time and question how one is able to register time in a visual way.”

Gallery Hours:
Monday through Friday 10-5
Saturday 11- 5

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