It Was All a Dream~ Dreamy and romantic photographs at Gilman Contemporary

Wed, Sep 8th - Sun, Sep 19th

through Sun, Sep 19th

September 2021

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Gilman Contemporary

Gilman Contemporary presents “It was all a Dream” a group exhibition exploring dreamy, romantic photographs from a selection of gallery artists. This exhibition will showcase photographers whose work elicits a sense of amorous adventure or fanciful idealism.
Jason Langer’s cinematic black and white photographs of urban life hint at the secrets that exist in the city at night. Devoted to shooting on film, Langer embraces the noir quality of film, creating work that looks as if it was taken in the past. He takes us down moonlit streets, under lamplights, through canyons of the city, into a backlit window where we may see a glimpse of a late-night rendezvous. Langer’s work reveals the atmosphere of a city at night, revealing the secrets one may find there.

Before becoming a photographer, Rodney Smith studied Theology at Yale to better understand “what it is like to be human.” Smith’s unique understanding of the human condition allowed him to compose photographs that speak to our internal longing for beauty, tenderness, and levity. Exhibiting a new selection of his color photographs, Smith’s work continues to excite and bring forth compassion and hope.
Jefferson Hayman’s photographs seem imported from another time, inviting the viewer to partake in a narrative process that is deeply personal. By stripping away extraneous details, the quiet minimalism of his works leave space for memory and imagination. Each of his photographs nurtures an individual story and sense of personality.

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