Inside a Chef’s Head with Chef Doughty

Thu, Dec 15th, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

6:00pm - 7:00pm

last month

The Community Library

The Community Library

Chef Joyce Doughty joins us and will take us into the workings of a chef’s mind. The program will focus on culinary techniques and principles, learned in a professional kitchen, that can easily translate to the home kitchen. The discussion will help the home chef recognize potential for organizing, utilizing leftovers and creating dishes based on ingredients you have on hand. This will be a unique opportunity to explore how the habits and operations of a professional chef can transform what you do and how you feel about the kitchen.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Chef Doughty’s recently published books, “The Chef Within, Breakfast and Dinner Editions.”

Registration is required to attend. The program will be livestreamed and available to watch later on the Library’s Vimeo.

Chef Doughty is a lifetime student of the culinary arts, starting with a serious education in her home kitchen as a young mother. She attended Cordon Bleu cooking school and shortly thereafter enrolled and completed an associate degree at Boise State University in Culinary Arts. While operating Doughty’s Bistro in downtown Boise, she concurrently aired weekly on the KTVB morning program and hosted the daily nationally syndicated program, Food for Thought, in conjunction with Boise State Public Radio. Chef Doughty has received recognition awards from the James Beard Foundation and is a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation. She has recently completed two unique culinary books, “The Chef Within, Breakfast and Dinner Editions,” which sum up her years of experience in the kitchen.

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