How to Tell a Hawk from a Handsaw: Adventures in Plant Keying.

Sat, Jan 21st, 6:00pm


2 weeks ago

Town Center West

Croy St, Hailey, ID 83333, USA

Wood River Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society

You don’t have to be as crazy as some of Shakespeare’s characters in Hamlet to feel that keying out plants can be a maddening experience. In this beginner’s look at keying, Lisa Horton will tease our curiosity with a painless activity introducing the dichotomous plant key. We’ll talk about how and why plants got their names, learn a little terminology and then plunge into keying out some plants to genus level. You’ll leave having had some fun and learned a little bit.

Lisa Horton holds a M.S. in Plant Anatomy and is one of the usual suspects leading our Wood River Chapter plant walks. She has also made a number of wildflower videos for Eye on Sun Valley.

This talk is sponsored by the Wood River Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society. Find us in Town Center West Building, River St X Croy St, Hailey. January 21 from 6pm-7:30pm.

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