Harmonic Tension -New Paintings by Thai Mainhard

Wed, Feb 1st - Mon, Feb 20th

through Mon, Feb 20th

happening now

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Gilman Contemporary
(208) 726-7585

“My work is very emotional by nature. I rely on colors to set the atmosphere and play off of each other like our emotions do inside of us.” -Thai Mainhard

Brazilian born painter Thai Mainhard’s practice harnesses her own raw and immediate need to create. Each abstract painting combines expressive mark making with dense blocks of color exploring the opposing forces that make up our lives. Mainhard encounters human nature, exploring happiness, frustration, surprise, connection, spirituality, and overall thinking processing. Each of her works is emotional; it is a lush expression of her inner jungle. Going through a deep internal process, the artist creates artwork that represents human nature’s fragility and opposes it to the robustness of emotions and feelings.

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