GRAND OPENING | Friesen+Lantz Fine Art

Sat, Feb 12th, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

3:00pm - 6:00pm

February 2022

Friesen+Lantz Fine Art

320 1st Ave N, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA


Friesen+Lantz Fine Art announces its Grand Opening and inaugural exhibitions – two dynamic and theatrical solo shows from acclaimed artists David Hytone and Anna Skibska. Both exhibitions have been in the works for over a year and open Saturday, 12 February with the artists in attendance. David Hytone and Anna Skibska each exemplify unique world-views through their craft, and the Gallery invites seasoned and budding art enthusiasts to experience their newest bodies of work.

The schedule is as follows for the Grand Opening of Friesen+Lantz on Saturday, 12 February at the Gallery (320 1st Ave N, Ketchum):

3PM David Hytone Artist Talk
3:30PM Anna Skibska Artist Talk
4-6PM Grand Opening Celebration


DAVID HYTONE – If not for the Pantomime Ventriloquist
A finalist for the 2018 Neddy Award in Painting, David Hytone is a Seattle based artist with a theatrical background. The artist’s dimensional mixed media works examine human frailty and the mechanisms that we employ to compensate for our limitations – imagined and otherwise.
Using themes of theatre and still-life, Hytone explores the space between the veneers of projection, facade and the actuality of things.

ANNA SKIBSKA – Labyrinth of Light
Anna Skibska is an innovator in the world of glassmaking, utilizing her signature technique to capture, bend and stretch light through the medium of glass. She is fascinated by the paradox of light’s inherent traits creating the ability to see, yet also holding the potential to blind. Debuting a fascinating new series of work, the artist explores the myth of Ariadne and the Labyrinth by creating a dynamic play between darkness, light and shadow.

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