Gilman Contemporary – February Exhibits

Fri, Feb 5th - Fri, Mar 5th

through Fri, Mar 5th

February 2021

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Joanne Freeman “Color as Form”

New York based painter Joanne Freeman’s works on paper and oil paintings are vibrant and filled with an innate sense of space and form. With a nod towards bold, simplistic mid-century media, Freeman’s gouache and aquatints utilize monochromatic color to convey the nuances of geometry. These paper pieces often embrace a single unadulterated color, compelling us to further examine the shapes Freeman creates. In comparison, the pigment in her oil paintings is more translucent, revealing the soft texture of the linen. Her fluid and gestural application creates a sense of transitioning light and color as forms undulate and emerge from the background. Color as Form is Joanne Freeman’s first exhibition at Gilman Contemporary.

Holly Miller “Disconnected Connections”

In her exhibition Disconnected Connections, Holly Miller’s work explores the physical connection between shape, line and color. Acrylic paint is punctuated by linear embroidery adding a subtle sculptural element to the canvas. Miller’s hand is visible in the pencil marks that frame her application of paint, subtly shifting the way we encounter the role of the artist. This exhibition features paintings that can be two parts of a whole or separate entities, creating a thread of connection and disconnection.

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