Friesen Gallery | Trompe l’oeil Love Notes

Wed, Feb 10th - Sun, Feb 28th

through Sun, Feb 28th

February 2021

Friesen Gallery

320 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

Friesen Gallery

“The realism in Otto Duecker’s oil paintings is indeed very real. I have actually witnessed patrons of the Gallery trying to ‘peel the tape off’ of his canvas! Other visitors to the Gallery are ‘sure’ that trick photography is involved. It is an honor to represent this exciting career and exceptionally talented human.”
–YANNA LANTZ, Gallery Director

Otto Duecker paints impressive trompe l’oeil compositions that typically feature inanimate objects in surreal or unusual configurations. Using classical techniques, Duecker creates in a style that melds both Photorealism and New Realism. The artist has been exploring his own variation of New Realism for over 30 years and is presently at the top of his form as a master of the movement.

“What I do takes so much time. Realism has the aesthetic of a sense of time. You have the feeling that someone’s life is in this work.”

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