Embracing the Tiger of Change: Navigating These Uncertain Times

Tue, Sep 21st, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

7:00pm - 8:30pm

September 2021

Cozy Event Venue

131 Sun Valley Rd, Toms River, NJ 08755, USA

Idaho EKAM Team

Whether you are a parent or a child, a student or an educator, a business owner or a CEO, a health care provider or a healer, a conservative or a liberal, a believer or a non-believer… every single one of us have been impacted by this unprecedented time in history.

Idaho is experiencing growth, unlike anything we have ever seen. We are unaccustomed to this personal, communal and global acceleration and uncertainty.

How is this change affecting you? How do you navigate these un-chartered waters and make plans for the future? What compass are you using to stay centered, healthy and thriving?

With her profound and timeless wisdom, neuroscience-based meditation processes and expanded state of consciousness, Sri Preethaji will take us beyond the limitations of the mind into a field of possibilities to Embrace the Tiger of these rapidly changing times and give us a compass to navigate our future.

In this 1 1/12 hour presentation, Sri Preethaji will:

• Pinpoint the origin of the stressors that make us feel out of control

• Give us viable solutions & tools to help shift us from survival to calm states

• Lead us to an inner state beyond the mind, where solutions, intelligence and flow happens

Regardless what your profession, passions, or interests are, we are confident you will walk away from this 90-minute program with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose and hope.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience Sri Preethaji LIVE in KETCHUM, IDAHO September 21, 2021!

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About Sri Preethaji:

Sri Preethaji is a world renowned modern philosopher and luminary who has led millions on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships and purpose they are seeking. She is the co-founder, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji, of O&O Academy/EKAM, an international wisdom, philosophy and meditation school with a presence in over one hundred countries. She is co-author of the national bestseller, Four Sacred Secrets, which has been translated into over a dozen languages.

Sri Preethaji is worldly, intelligent, dynamic and often called a gentle colossus.

On her month-long USA tour, she will be visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Idaho, offering hopeful solutions to community members, companies, educators, visionaries and influencers.

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