Cheatgrass: History, Biology and the Future

Wed, Mar 24th, 7:00pm


March 2021


Wood River Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society

The Wood River Chapter of Idaho Native Plant Society (INPS) will present a talk online by Dr. Roger Rosentreter titled Cheatgrass: History, Biology and the Future . The zoom meeting will begin at 7pm on 24 March 2021 and will last around 1 ½ hours including time for questions.

Cheatgrass is a very common species on rangelands, pastures, vacant lots, waste areas, eroded sites, and roadsides. It is especially obvious in the late summer when swaths of it are a haze of pinky red. Cheatgrass has become a dominant species in the Intermountain West and exhibits invasive behavior in our sagebrush ecosystem.

In his presentation, Rosentreter will pose the question: “What is cheatgrass and why is it a problem?” To answer, he will discuss the history of cheatgrass in North America and its genetics and ecology. He will also explore where cheatgrass grows the best and what is its future. Finally he will discuss possible solutions.

Roger retired from a 35-year career with the Idaho, Bureau of Land Management working in the sagebrush steppe habitats as a plant ecologist. He has authored about 100 scientific publications and is an author/co-author of six botanical books. In 2008, he received the Idaho Weed Hall of Fame Award. He has worked with several other agencies such as the National Park service on cheatgrass issues in Zion National Park and with the USAID on the auto-ecology of the cedars of Lebanon.

To receive a link by email to allow you to attend this virtual talk, please call Lisa at 208-721-1798 or email [email protected] with Cheatgrass in the subject line. This program is free of charge and open to all interested parties but you do need to set up a free zoom account. For more information about INPS or to become a member of the local chapter, visit

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