“Cage Shuffle” by Paul Lazar

Mon, Jun 21st, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

6:00pm - 7:00pm

June 2021

The Community Library

The Community Library

“Cage Shuffle” is a 50-minute dance/theater solo by Paul Lazar, who speaks a series of one-minute stories by John Cage from his 1963 score “Indeterminacy,” while simultaneously performing a complex choreographic score by Annie-B Parson, choreographer of David Byrne’s “American Utopia” on Broadway. The stories are spoken in random order with no predetermined relationship to the dancing, yet chance serves up its inevitable and uncanny connection between text and movement. Cage’s humor, intellect and iconoclasm find ideal expression in this new work which adds dance to Cage’s original performance instructions: “Read stories aloud, paced so that each story takes one minute, using chance procedures or not.”

This performance will be held outdoors on the Library’s Donaldson Robb Family Green. Bring a blanket or chair and join us!

“One of my favorite pieces ever. The Cage stories are good to begin with, amusing in a zen kind of way, but when further randomized and amplified with the dance, and with Paul’s voice – well, it becomes no longer a rarified Cage piece but is transformed into something accessible to everyone.”
– David Byrne

Paul Lazar is a founding member, along with Annie-B Parson, of Big Dance Theater. He has directed, co-directed, and acted in works for Big Dance since 1991, and he has performed in numerous works by The Wooster Group and acted in over 40 feature films. Paul has taught at Yale, Rutgers, The William Esper Studio, and The Michael Howard Studio, and he currently teaches at New York University.

Paul is also directing the Sawtooth Production of Samuel Hunter’s “A Case For the Existence of God,” a play set in Twin Falls, Idaho, running June 30 through July 10 at the Reinheimer Ranch in Ketchum.

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