AVATARS of Black Joy

Mon, Aug 8th - Wed, Aug 31st

through Wed, Aug 31st

August 2022

Friesen + Lantz Fine Art

320 1st Ave N, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA

Yanna Lantz

Black women are a cornerstone of the nation and yet U.S. history often pushes them aside. In this collection, I capture Black joy and the exuberance of being free to enjoy Black women’s significance, dignity, and beauty. Accentuating their skin and using eye contact, I challenge the viewer to accept that any intimidation felt requires self-reflection and highlights how we must combat the untrue beauty standards built from generations of internalized colonization.

This exhibit is dedicated to the women who have had a deep influence on me throughout my life. In celebrating them, I aim to honor not only the women but also my father who taught me to respect, listen to, and honor the women in my life. After all, in chess, the queen is the most powerful. – Christopher Adam Williams

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